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1. "Birth Order and Personality: Are Some People Born Rebels?," by Karen Lindell, San Diego Parent, 1997.

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2. "Birth Order and the Baby Boom," by Cheryl Russell, American Demographics, March 1997, pp. 10-12.

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Links dealing with birth order and its relevance to corporate behavior in business


Marsha Zapson, "Challenging Succession Issues: A Researcher Gives Advice to Family Businesses,"  MAR/Sophisticated Investor Strategies, May 2001:19, 23.  [Based on an interview.]

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"Are You a Business Rebel?," by Donna Milmore, The Aubin Review, 3, no. 1 (1997). Also "Family Dynamics and Business," by Donna Milmore, The Aubin Review, 3, no. 2 (1997). These two articles contain the results of a survey on birth order and corporate behavior involving 660 C.E.O.s.

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